“Whether you believe in the paranormal or don’t, Shannon Taggart’s book is fascinating and the photos are haunting!” — Uri Geller

A combination of art, journalism and anthropology, Taggart’s images reflect a kind of serendipity with the camera.
— TIME Magazine
In her work, there’s also a sort of meta echo of photography’s role in Spiritualism, with the red light of a séance appearing similar to the red illumination of a dark room, with images materializing in both.
— Allison Meier, Hyperallergic
Her work fits neatly into a lineage of other attempts to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds
— Rebecca Horne, Lens Culture
Between the real and its representation is an unseen world that photographer Shannon Taggart has learned to capture with her camera.
— Peter Bebergal, Reality Sandwich
She presents a world where belief and unbelief are radically mediated by technology — and raises the possibility that in the age of omnipresent electronic image what is “true” may be a much harder debate than the skeptics suppose.
— Don Jolly, Boing Boing
Haunting photos from the world’s largest spiritualist community
— Alice Newell-Hanson, i-D